Redefine Financial

Peerhive: Bridging the gap between borrowers and global funds, providing crypto investors with opportunities to invest in Real World Assets (RWA).


Our Mission / Vision

Our Mission

Empower SMEs with a Fast and Reliable financing option that is Less Volatile, High in Return, and Decentralized in nature. Offer a sustainable investment opportunity for all crypto-holders. Tap into cryptocurrency wealth to help SMEs meet their short-term direct financing needs through self-executing smart contracts.

Our Vision

Envisioning a decentralized financial future, Peerhive aims to unlock the potential of cryptocurrency for real-world impact. We strive to provide SMEs with swift, reliable, and less volatile financing options, while offering crypto-holders a gateway to invest in high-return Real World Assets. Our vision is to create a symbiotic ecosystem where business growth and investment returns thrive together.

Our Journey so far


Beginning with just a trio of visionaries fueled by bold ideas to revolutionize finance, we embarked on a bootstrapping journey that spanned years.



We secured our inaugural booth at Tech In Asia in Jakarta, thanks to the support of Digital Penang. It was there that we forged connections with potential partners in Indonesia.



In early 2024, we received an invitation from the Seamless event to showcase our booth in Singapore. It was at this event where we had the opportunity to connect with potential partners in the Singaporean market.

We were fortunate to participate in the MDEC Roundtable, where we had the opportunity to voice our concerns regarding the startup landscape in Malaysia.

Yet this is just the start of our Journey...

Who we are...

  • Vincent Yeo

    CEO & Co-Founder

  • Thiruvengadam Pillai

    CTO & Co-Founder

  • Michael Chia

    CPO & Co-Founder

  • Andy Ang

    Blockchain Researcher

  • Harnishwaren

    Front-end developer

  • Tyler Toh

    Head of Sales & Marketing

Investing in a Peer-to-Peer lending protocol carries inherent risks. By providing funds to companies seeking loans, you expose yourself to the possibility of loan defaults, potentially resulting in partial or complete loss of your investment. It is advisable to conduct thorough research before making any investment decisions.Do your own research.